Getting you better prepared for your move...


At Alexander Russell we advocate people getting Legally Prepared when considering selling...

There is a load of paperwork that needs to be completed.


Protocol forms are usually sent to you when you engage with a conveyancer, invariable after you have agreed a sale.

These forms are required by the conveyancer and form part of the contract pack that is sent to your buyers legal representative.

They can take some time to complete and require supporting documentation, that when missing, can cause a delay in your sale transaction getting underway. This can give rise to your buyer being concerned about your commitment to sell and elevate the risk of the sale falling through.

If you are going to the market, get a step closer to being legally prepared by completing your Legal Protocol forms -


✔️ Complete your TA6 and TA10.   

❗️ Only complete the TA7 if your property is Leasehold


Given that on average a conveyancer/solicitor will take 6.5 weeks to place an order for Searches, it is wise to get an order placed as soon as possible to avoid delays...


When you buy them yourself, you do not need to place your legal representative in funds to enable them to buy them for you later in the transaction.

During the pandemic, the property and legal industries have witnessed massive delays that have driven solutions like ours to help speed up transactions by giving home movers more control.

Getting the Search order started as close to the beginning of the process is critical to reducing stress, reducing risk and moving sooner. Buyers getting searches underway will see the environmental reports within hours, saving weeks of waiting around.

Please use the link below to get your Search order underway now. Don't forget to use a unique discount promo code during the checkout process. You can get one from your Estate Agent. If they don't have one, ask them to get in touch with us and we will supply them with one for you to use.


Give your conveyancer a copy of this PDF to put their mind at ease.


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