So you’re thinking of relocating to the East Kent coast or countryside?

There are so many reasons for moving to this amazing area but often it can stem from a day trip, a visit seeing family or a break away and falling in love with the beautiful beaches and the vibrant shops and bars…

Once you have made the decision to relocate the first and most important decision is which area is going to be best to support your wants and needs and where has the right type of properties to tick the right boxes for you. We found ourselves exactly in the same boat over six years ago now.

At the time we were a small family of three with a baby and deciding on schools was far from our minds when picking which area we wanted to raise our child in…fast forward six years and were now a family of five with schools, nurseries and toddler groups being of the most importance to any move we would make.

There’s lots you can find out with a quick google search or even a drive round of all the areas…but nothing beats that ‘inside’ information or talking to people who’ve made the move and are loving where they live!!

We can help with any enquiries you have or advice to point you in the right direction, we can share our experience and knowledge of what it is like to relocate here. And once you’ve decided your ideal location, then we can help find that ideal home too!!

Contact us using the phone number or email address below with any questions about areas, schools, groups and activities etc and let us know what your property requirements are and we will contact you back with some ideas and suggestions.

Best regards,

Zoie & Russell