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Embarking on a property viewing may appear as a straightforward task, but beneath its deceptively smooth surface lies a labyrinth of potential challenges. Engulfed in politeness, the interaction between buyer and seller often conceals the hidden complexities that may arise.

The journey begins with pleasantries and casual conversation, interwoven with a touch of nervousness and occasional distress. These emotions can significantly impact the outcome, depending on the seller’s reasons for putting the property on the market. An innocent discussion can quickly transform into a recipe for disaster.


Gauge the appropriate amount of time to dedicate to a topic that, realistically, holds little relevance to the buyer. Overindulging in your model railway or any other topic can become irritating and detract from the viewing experience.

Consider that your potential buyers might be reserved individuals, uncomfortable with small talk. They may have strict schedules but feel too polite to voice their concerns. The last thing they want is to seem impolite and interrupt your animated commentary on the comfort and quality of your exquisite patio loungers. While your loungers may indeed be a pinnacle of design, a discerning eye will “read the room” and take note of the cues.


Finding the right spot to position yourself can be challenging, but the best option is to retreat to another room. However, if that seems like a daunting task, be sure not to linger around your potential buyer. Your presence may distract them from fully exploring the property, leading to awkward encounters when your paths inevitably intersect. Vigilance regarding your location and posture is advised. We have witnessed graceful clients stumble in the most unexpected places. Remember, even the most composed individuals can experience mishaps.


I can’t emphasize enough the number of times I’ve witnessed a viewing progressing exceptionally well, with the potential buyer seemingly on the cusp of making an offer, only to have the situation take a sudden nosedive due to an unwitting seller’s ill-fated remarks. It’s disheartening to see a promising opportunity unravel before our eyes. That’s why it’s crucial for sellers to be mindful of their words and actions during a viewing. A thoughtless comment or misplaced conversation can instantly sour the buyer’s perception and shatter the prospects of receiving an offer. The delicate dance of a successful viewing requires careful consideration at every step to ensure that the positive momentum isn’t inadvertently disrupted.


Moderate your enthusiasm and zeal, even if you’re naturally a spirited and passionate person. Revelling in recounting every minute detail about your home, such as its construction history, renovations, or design choices, is not entirely unnecessary. It’s a matter of striking the right pitch, delivery, and timing. Bombarding the buyer with excessive information leaves them little room to form their own thoughts and opinions. Instead, they may mirror your sentiments and provide false compliments, fearing they might offend you. Consequently, when your agent relays the feedback, it may contradict your initial impression, leading to frustration and disappointment. Ideally, create a comfortable environment where potential buyers feel encouraged to ask questions that genuinely matter to them. After all, everyone has different priorities, and suffocating theirs with assumptions can be counterproductive.


Your little bundles of joy, who mean the world to you with their endearing qualities, may not have the same effect on your potential buyer. While we all adore our children, it’s advisable, if possible, to ensure they are occupied elsewhere during the viewing. Countless times, we’ve witnessed displays of chaos and dramatic performances showcasing bodily functions that one could never have imagined. Background noise akin to a theme park can be equally disruptive. Temporary removal or providing them with a source of entertainment or even a sleep aid might be the wisest course of action. Same goes for any fur babies in the family.

Do not underestimate the intricacies woven within the fabric of a property viewing. Your ultimate goal is to secure a buyer, so resist entangling yourself in unnecessary complexities. By unlocking the secrets to a successful viewing experience, you’ll increase your chances of achieving your desired outcome.

In conclusion, entrusting the responsibility of conducting the viewing to your agent can be a viable option. They will handle the process on your behalf, allowing you, the potential buyer, and your agent to avoid any potential awkwardness. This approach requires a certain level of trust in your agent’s abilities. If you find yourself doubting their competence, it may be worth considering whether you are working with the right agent.

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