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Could home improvements be ruining your property value?

We all love doing a bit of DIY or undertaking a renovation project, especially with so many of us staying in and working from home. However, sometimes those home improvements don’t actually increase your home value…

Some home improvements cause a deterioration in value when the time comes to sell your property on, while others won’t move the needle either way.… → continue reading

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Take home décor tips from Sweden by implementing ‘Mysig’!

As home décor goes, cosy is the way forward in the colder months. Whether you’re staging your home for a winter sale or just looking forward to cuddling up under blankets, these small changes to your surroundings can make all the difference…

Winter in the UK can be freezing but if you’re dreading the cold weather, you’re not alone.… → continue reading

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Your step-by-step for passing on property wealth

We all want to leave our best for the next generation. Whether you have a property portfolio, are considering putting future inheritance in property, or just own a home and want to ensure it stays protected, see our golden rules for passing on that wealth efficiently…

Each situation is different, and you’ll need to seek out legal financial advice for your specific next steps, and ensure you are aware of the tax implications of leaving your property to your family.… → continue reading

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Your ultimate guide to purchasing an investment property

Whether you’re looking to gain monthly profit from a tenant or grow your money in a capital investment, property is still proving to be a fantastic way to make passive income. There are things to consider before buying though, see our top tips before you make the jump…

As with any property advice, each property and buy-to-let situation is different, so be sure to ask for specific advice before you get started.… → continue reading